Abstracting Fused Glass Seascapes

I’d made a couple of 30cm x 30cm fused glass seascapes a couple of months ago. When they came out the kiln, I was so disappointed with them, to pictorial, to obvious…….what an expensive waste, I  just wrapped them in newspaper and stuffed them at the back of my cupboard. But after using the viewfinders … Continue reading


just came across these amazing furniture/sculpturey things like floor board peelings. For more of the same entitled ’20 Mind Bending Architectural Sculptures’ click on this link http://weburbanist.com/2008/10/18/mind-bending-architectural-sculpture-of-robbie-rowlands/ Oh and Happy Birthday to Mummy McClay with lots of love from all of us…..

yes we CAN!!

CR8 this week at school and my year 8 lot are painting tin cans. Splatting the cans flat in the first place is a great way of getting rid of angst when you’re near the end of term and working in a tropical greenhouse of a classroom. My example ….. AmeriCAN Indian! Yes, very corny, but fun to do … Continue reading

lovely wax

This beautiful wax image is by the German-born artist Anne Stahl. She has influenced my work loads. I only wish I had more time to produce as much as she does. Check out her amazing website…http://www.annestahl.com/ This gorgeous picture is called Into the Unknown I am working on some little canvases (is that how you spell that?) at … Continue reading

Welcome to themessynest launch!!

Ok, so we’ve been going for a few days now but enjoy a bit of virtual champagne and sparkles with us on our official launch day. Here at themessynest we hope to bring you top tips on art techniques that we’re trying out, show examples of stuff we’re making and generally present things that catch … Continue reading

How to Needle Felt

Inspired by Miriam’s cards, I made a needle felt seascape as a Wedding pressie for the lovely Dickie and Kate. So I thought I’d show you how to make a fluffy seascape…. You’ll need: felting needle- I used 36 gauge. background fabric bit of sponge felting wool- merino messy bits- wool,netting feathers, beads to stitch … Continue reading

textile reshoot

I have playing around a bit more with my textiles photos. I have found that by focusing on some of the details they have become easier on the eye. This photo looks more interesting than the original and has inspired me to develop it further – perhaps into a landscape. This blog thing is a … Continue reading

Messynest on Facebook

eeeek… we’re going public….. So we’ve been playing on this little blog for a couple of weeks. Just trying to sort out how this blog thing works, uploading pics, daydreaming about fluffy felt and shiny glass….. Making random arty stuff  is our antidote to ease the pain of teaching, so keep checking back in to see our arty bits … Continue reading

Pittville Degree Show 2011

Last Friday, we met up at the last ever Summer Art Exhibition at Pittville campus in Cheltenham. These caught my eye, I just like the idea of artwork made from the ‘trimming’ of the artwork. As a natural 3Der, I love to paint round the edges of my canvas, so have always been a bit confused … Continue reading

Thursday thought

ummmmm…… This is my great granny Kilpatrick. Spot the cat. Miriam.