Messynest on Facebook

eeeek… we’re going public…..

So we’ve been playing on this little blog for a couple of weeks. Just trying to sort out how this blog thing works, uploading pics, daydreaming about fluffy felt and shiny glass…..

Making random arty stuff  is our antidote to ease the pain of teaching, so keep checking back in to see our arty bits and to get helpful hints and tips on how we’ve made stuff.

We’d really appreciate your feedback, ideas and support on our arty exploration.


4 Responses to “Messynest on Facebook”
  1. miriammcclay says:

    Yeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyy. x

  2. gary says:

    Miriam doesn’t cook, but her artwork is excellent. Good luck, love Gary. xxx;p

  3. Tobias Clark says:

    Ohhhhh its all public now, how exciting!
    From what I have seen it looks like you girls are getting to grips with this mad world of blogging, but be careful, once you pop you can’t stop!
    Some lovely pieces of work, looking forward to the updates and tips that will follow, keep it up
    T x

    • themessynest says:

      AHHH, thank you Mr Clark!
      I’m making a couple of fused glass panels this week, so I’ll be popping the ‘How to make…..’ on here early next week! Hope it doesn’t all melt into a big glassy puddle in the kiln……Bx

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