lovely wax

This beautiful wax image is by the German-born artist Anne Stahl. She has influenced my work loads. I only wish I had more time to produce as much as she does. Check out her amazing website…

This gorgeous picture is called Into the Unknown

I am working on some little canvases (is that how you spell that?) at the moment and will post some pics of them as soon as we get the A level moderation out of the way at school. They are propped up all around my kitchen – oh to have a proper studio space – I can but dream………

Talking of school and A level work, here is what’s been keeping me busy over the last few days. This is my room set up for A level moderation.

The whole of that lot needs clearing by the end of the week and then I need to put the AS/A2 exhibition up for the show on the 7th July – more on that later.

Some little glimpses of a future great artist Nina Barnes, one of our A level students….

….and a gorgeous old tool box from Nina’s dad’s shed that holds and presents all the lovely textiles. The work is inspired by a recent ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ trip to Chile.

For more of Nina’s work and our other star pupils you will need to come to the AS/A2 exhibition here in the art department at 6pm on Thursday 7th July. Hog roast also on offer!! How could you not be tempted?


2 Responses to “lovely wax”
  1. notfrangible says:

    I am, I am…. (tempted, that is). Quite nostalgic seeing your room.

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