yes we CAN!!

CR8 this week at school and my year 8 lot are painting tin cans. Splatting the cans flat in the first place is a great way of getting rid of angst when you’re near the end of term and working in a tropical greenhouse of a classroom. My example …..

AmeriCAN Indian! Yes, very corny, but fun to do and painting on such a small scale is quite hypnotic once you get started.

This little lovely is sanding the tin to give it a ‘tooth’ for the acrylic paint to stick to. And then the fun begins. You CAN add what you like….feathers, beads, patterns, scraps of fluff…… The joy is seeing the variety of results from each individual.

Eyeballs and Horror are always popular with year 8 boys!!! This one looks quite tame at the moment. Collage helps with those who don’t like painting so much. 

Some opt for the more detailed………………

This next one  is especially powerful for me……chocolate symbolism always works.

For more ideas, as I can’t claim to making this up myself, see the website link



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