Starting to make glassbeads again…..


About a year or so ago, I did a 10 week lampwork course at the Fireworks Gallery in Bristol, making glass beads. Totally loved playing with fire and molten glass.

Unfortunately for me, Georgina moved to London- check out her new shiney website

and I had no where to play 😦

So last week I went to Lush Lampwork in Malvern and Julie was fantastic helping me brush up on my bead making skills……


….. these little beauties are made with transparent teal, ivory, and a silvered ivory stringer, a natural progression from my previous ‘coastal’ beads. The little plain blue ones where to show Julie if I could make a nicely shaped bead. 🙂 As I get more confident with making, I’ll take some pics and explain the techniques and processes I’ve used. They remind me a bit of sedimentary rock and the swirl ones of waves or maybe ammonites……What do you think???  I’ll take them to the Forest and Valley Open studios so you can have a closer look Bx

3 Responses to “Starting to make glassbeads again…..”
  1. Fran says:

    I want some. Now.
    Absolutely gorgeous.

  2. jemigo says:

    I love Lush Lampwork Beads etc. I saw Julie at a show and had a long chat with her. I am very tempted to book a workshop there….haven’t told hubbie yet though!

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