Postcard Design for Forest and Valley Open Studio.

Just designed a post card to hand out this saturday, 9th July, at the Open Studios, we’ll be making a sticky mess in Memento Gift Shop on Newent High Street.

Miriams demonstrating and selling textile landscapes, needle felting and other yummy stuff ( will pop some pics on tomorrow) and I’ve got some beads annealing in the kiln…. if they come out OK I’ll have a go at stringing them. … if not ummmm……

Come and drop in for a natter and a bit of flapjack, we’d really appreciate the support  🙂 Bx

3 Responses to “Postcard Design for Forest and Valley Open Studio.”
  1. themessynest says:

    Thank you to everyone who called in to see us today during our stint for the Forest and Valley Open Studios. We really enjoyed the time to work and the little chats in between. We also got some good ideas and feedback from today and now we’re starting to plan our next messy adventure. Keep you posted. Miriam.

    • rose francis says:

      It was lovely to see the beads you were making yesterday.I hope to see some in the shop in the near future.

      • themessynest says:

        We really appreciate all the interest and feed back. I’m stringing and photographing a small collection, and will drop them down to the shop on Friday morning

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