Make Art – Be Happy.

I was chatting to a colleague, during a boring staff meeting, about him leaving  teaching this summer to become an illustrator. He basicallly said that ‘if you have art inside you, then you have to create and to be happy you have to make art.’

How true. He summed up what we are trying to do in the messy nest -to be happy we have to make art.

So the thought for today is Make Art and Be Happy:)

Here’s a few pics of us being happy at the Forest and Valley Open Studios on Saturday. Bx

3 Responses to “Make Art – Be Happy.”
  1. themessynest says:

    Oh dear Bex, I really do look a bit simple in that photo!

  2. notfrangible says:

    I was just thinking how happy and pretty you looked….. Anyway; hope it went well on Saturday – I was busy elsewhere but thought of you both.

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