Horse Rustling on May Hill!

So we decided we would go for a little wander yesterday lunchtime and collect some pics of May Hill for future art work. As we were innocently taking shots of lovely May Hill and surrounding views, dressed in floral patterns, flip-flops and shrugs, we were stopped and accused of horse rustling!! Hilarious or what. The horse wasn’t even that good-looking. Bex defiantly held onto her camera and we assured the scary horsey-type women that we were just a pair of scatty artists out collecting inspiration. And here’s the visual story…..

Horse not amused either.. In the interests of internet safety we decided to mask it’s identity!!!!

Horse rustler back view (on the run!!!)

Words got out and all the horses from May Hill have cleared off!!!

Lovely clover view and a future painting inspiration.

Playing around with space and composition and here’s some of Bex’s photos….

What an inspirational messy nest outing. We need to do loads more of these. It has set us up brilliantly to think about colours, layers, textures, compositions. Check back in a day or so to see what we have come up with. Miriam.

One Response to “Horse Rustling on May Hill!”
  1. halfpass says:

    lovely photos…

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