ideas for painting away the summer holidays

May Hill seems to have an addictive quality –

Last Thursday’s weather was absolutely glorious, and during a jaunt up the hill with my son’s beaver group, I couldn’t resist adding a few more photos to the resource collection for summer holiday painting. Gorgeous greens…..

This one is typical of my photography skills but hey – I could say it was deliberate to point the camera directly at the sun for painterly effect.

I have a painting in my teaching room that I absolutely love. It was made by a visiting artist and contains the most stunning range of reds, oranges, golds and yellows. It is covered in varnish which has dripped into mounds and mini blobs on the painting as it dried. Anyway it must have inspired me to play around with these photos on photoshop, altering the colours and highlights.

A little playing around and….upsidedownness…….



Can’t wait to get painting this. Interesting that it’s gone from a study of greens to reds. Fickle eh? Check back soon to see what I have done with them in paint and varnish.


One Response to “ideas for painting away the summer holidays”
  1. Gary says:

    Absolutely excellent work, well done. Look forward to your forthcoming projects

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