felt landscapes (and porridge)

It’s been a while since the last post – must be too relaxed as it’s holiday time! Anyway here’s a little of what I’ve been getting up to…

the view on the way home from work ….yay! Summer hols start here.The sunlight does the work for me here.

Then a little trip to Newnham-on-Severn and a picnic by the river.

Trouble is , there is too much inspiration out there. Love the layers/strata and light in this. And the view across the river through the grasses suggests lots of marks and colours for a painting.I tried to capture the sweep of the sand-banks in this next pic – abstract possibilities! Ok time to get on with the day. Let girls out….That’s one scrawny chicken.The expression of pure intelligence!!

Beautiful Jim meditating in the early morning sun.All good friends amongst my shaggy garden! Then there’s the eggs – so many eggs at the moment – time to get baking.

Well maybe just a bowl of porridge first.

Much better. How wholesome is that. Can’t beat it. And so to some current arty bits.I’ve called this one Malvern Waves; the colours of the sea with the forms of the mountains. I like the way the box frame throws a shadow into the sky. I will taking some of these to Taurus Crafts tomorrow to display while I am singing. 6 -8.30pm I think. This next one is based on a view from half way up May Hill. A work in progress.I have been starting to use ink in the background to create a softer focus and sense of depth hopefully.May Hill fence posts and hedges. And this one is not quite finished yet……Right, enough blogging. Time to see if the cat has pounced on one of the chickens. Hopefully see some of you tomorrow at Taurus Crafts. If not remember I am exhibiting at The Applestore Gallery in Hereford next week. Happy Days!


2 Responses to “felt landscapes (and porridge)”
  1. gary jones says:

    wickedly wicked absolutely love it

  2. themessynest says:

    Love the raggle-taggle chickens, i imagine Jim-the-cat is meditating as the chicks cluck about him!

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