Richard Corbett at the New Leaf Gallery

Just  let you know, Miriam and I are going to our good friend Richard’s Private View this weekend. He has created an evocative series of landscapes inspired by Monmouthshire and will be Exhibiting at the New Leaf Gallery until the 29th October. I love his use of colour and think his work is really collectable, definately worth a … Continue reading

Alexander Calder inspired necklace

Rummaged round the house, found 2 different gauges of wire and a piece of sea glass from Gyllyngvase beach- all I need to start playing…….   So here is how to make your very own Alex Calder necklace. Step 1: Unwiggle the bits of wire you’ve found. Step 2: Make loops at regularish intervals along wire. Step 3: Check … Continue reading

Alex Calder: Wearable Art

On my little expedition round the Eden Project a couple of weeks ago, I took some photos of these strikingly beautiful echinacea plants. I love the dynamic, architectural shapes of the petals and prickly looking middle. Stong and beautiful. I’ve been racking my brains to think how I could turn this into a glass bead……then I realised what … Continue reading

Bright-colour days!

Just a quickie to show you some happy colour in a development of the May Hill painting. Determined to just stop this one before I overwork it. Miriam.

Applestore Gallery Exhibition

So the exhibition Private View went well and all I need now is to sell a few pieces. Fingers crossed! Here are my 6 little prints on the left. Here’s a flash enhanced close-up of one!! I think I called it something deep and meaningful like ‘Sailing into the Unknown.’The Gallery from the road outside…… … Continue reading

Green Meadow beads- first attempt!

Miriam’s Private View at the Apple Store Gallery in Hereford went fantastically last night, I’m so proud of  her for having the confidence and talent to show her work. I’ll let Miriam fill you in on all the details….. Green meadow beads have arrived through the post!  After I make them, they anneal in the kiln over … Continue reading

Green beans and green beads.

Well, the first excitement of the day came in the shape of my Riverford Veg Box. Kindly delivered by the hairy-veg-fairy. So,  I sat down had a nice cuppa and read the little newsletter- this is a real little ritual for me!  Afterwards I bumbled round the house, looked at the Eden photos again, e-mailed … Continue reading

Inspiring Eden

Been ‘offline’ for a while, hanging out with my beautiful family visiting from Israel and bumbling with my Mum in Falmouth- generally relaxing back into being myself after a busy school year. Inspiration collection’s going great, got literally hundreds of photos, ideas and thoughts about developing beads all jiggling round my head, fighting for my attention….. The Eden … Continue reading