Inspiring Eden

Been ‘offline’ for a while, hanging out with my beautiful family visiting from Israel and bumbling with my Mum in Falmouth- generally relaxing back into being myself after a busy school year.

Inspiration collection’s going great, got literally hundreds of photos, ideas and thoughts about developing beads all jiggling round my head, fighting for my attention…..

The Eden Project is a real favourite of Mum and mine, we took the Israeli tribe to explore the beautiful Biomes- heres a couple of pics…..

walking down the wiggly path, you pass a bank scattered with wildflowers….

How can I make these delicate wildflowers into a bead? The curve of this planting really caught my eye- yep, veg can be pretty too!

Kooky little birdhouses, must make myself one, and lunch…. beetroot never tasted so good.


Theres just so much to see and do, then the seasons change and you have a whole new experience.

Theres something for everyone, tropical trees, medicinal plants, architecture, not just eco ideas but  practical solutions and sculptures by world renowned artists like Heather Jansch and Peter Randell-Page.

I recommend a visit, we had such a fantastic day and the memories will last a lifetime.

Ahhhh, its good to be back ‘posting’ again  Bxx

2 Responses to “Inspiring Eden”
  1. miriammcclay says:

    After all that meticulously mind-numbing framing and stuff today I just want to get my hands messy. Love the field of wild flowers and the beetroot. Was that in Eden or your lunch at home? See you soon xx

    • themessynest says:

      I’m so excited about coming to the Apple Store Gallery for your Exhibition on Thurs. When you see the prints hanging on the wall, all the neat measuring and mounting up will be worth it.

      The beetroot bruschetta was at Eden- the foods all local,organic….I like to eat happy vegetables! Bex xxx

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