Green beans and green beads.

Well, the first excitement of the day came in the shape of my Riverford Veg Box. Kindly delivered by the hairy-veg-fairy.

So,  I sat down had a nice cuppa and read the little newsletter- this is a real little ritual for me!  Afterwards I bumbled round the house, looked at the Eden photos again, e-mailed lovely Miriam and decided to make an early lunch… a warm green bean salad. Next time I think I’ll treat myself to a bit of grilled halloumi to go with it….. or smoked mackerel.

After lunch, I did a bit of beady doodling….. trying to capture the swaths of flowers in the Eden meadow photos…..

And then pottered off to Julies to make some green beads. Perfect day 🙂  Bxxx

2 Responses to “Green beans and green beads.”
  1. Vasare says:

    oh god, just saw these vegetables and feel like I havent had any healthy ones apart from frozen ones for ages. WANT!

  2. miriammcclay says:

    Definitely want one of those wildflower ones when you make it. xx

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