Green Meadow beads- first attempt!

Miriam’s Private View at the Apple Store Gallery in Hereford went fantastically last night, I’m so proud of  her for having the confidence and talent to show her work. I’ll let Miriam fill you in on all the details…..

Green meadow beads have arrived through the post!

 After I make them, they anneal in the kiln over night. So, Julie pulls them of the mandrels, cleans them and pops them in the post for me!

So, this was my inspiration…







The designs looked like this…..

And…… drum roll please……..

the beads look like this……..


Really pleased with the grassy texture on both the beads. Each one took me about 20 mins to make.  Liking the contrast with the yellow blobs and the green back ground on the left bead. I’d like to experiment with some millifiore to add more detail… definately needs developing…… back to the torch!


The smaller pinky/brown beads where an experiment, I rolled  ‘tongue pink’  glass in a mixture of coloured frit ( bits of broken glass) then heated it loads, they remind me a bit of tortoise shell- oh no! A whole new idea I need to explore!  Bxxxx

2 Responses to “Green Meadow beads- first attempt!”
  1. Asicat says:

    These are lush!! Beautiful x x x

  2. notfrangible says:

    Love these meadow ones, Bex, especially the yellow blobbies. So where do I find your price list?

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