Alexander Calder inspired necklace

Rummaged round the house, found 2 different gauges of wire and a piece of sea glass from Gyllyngvase beach- all I need to start playing…….


So here is how to make your very own Alex Calder necklace.

Step 1: Unwiggle the bits of wire you’ve found.

Step 2: Make loops at regularish intervals along wire.

Step 3: Check wire fits round sea glass. Hold loopy wire round object and twist ends at top.

Step 4: Using a gold coloured wire, thread through the silver ‘eyelets’ to lace bit of glass into place.

Step 5: Twist short silver end round longer piece, then curl the longer piece into one of Calders trademark spirals.

Step 6: Sit back and admire……

I’m going to try this with other materials and push the design more to make it my own…… happy wire wiggling,  Bex xx

4 Responses to “Alexander Calder inspired necklace”
  1. miriammcclay says:

    Crackin instructions! This seems to be opening up lots of creative possibilities. xx

  2. miriammcclay says:

    I like the fact that the glass stone is locked in/held in place and then embellished with the wiggly wire. Both things seem to make it seem more precious. xx

    • themessynest says:

      I’ve been looking through some other special found bits to see what else I can use- i like the way Calder had lots of different but similar pieces all on one necklace- it reminds me of a timeline of memories or something 🙂 Looking forwards to our arty play day on Monday….. not sure what I’ll do……. Bex x

  3. Jen Beetson says:

    Beautiful Bex!!!!!xxx

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