When to stop?

  Long time no post – sorry. It’s the beginning of term-itis, snowed under with schemes of learning, boxes to tick and so forth. I read an interesting article in the Telegraph yesterday about ‘the erosion of childhood’ One of the reasons given was school’s excessive use of assessment. And so I am earning my … Continue reading

Felt Pens.

Felt pen can look so wrong! CluNky, over bright colours that leave heavy shading lines….. grumble, grumble…. well,  not always true, I love their opacity and they have potential… it’s a love/ hate relationship. Me and my GCSE Short Course and been using them in our artists research. They’re ideal for building confidence…. We’re looking at work … Continue reading

Magical Meadow

So we’ve been drowning in new Schemes of Learning and trying to acclimatise to the faster pace of school life. On Sunday evening I settled down to watch Country file- love it, real escapism. They were previewing the 12 winners of the photography competition, and this photograph by Chris Eaves is exactly how I’d like my … Continue reading