When to stop?


Long time no post – sorry. It’s the beginning of term-itis, snowed under with schemes of learning, boxes to tick and so forth. I read an interesting article in the Telegraph yesterday about ‘the erosion of childhood’ One of the reasons given was school’s excessive use of assessment. And so I am earning my crust by being part of this.? Not happily, when I only consider this aspect of the job. I like to think I am ‘throwing aeroplanes’ out the window of the classroom along with my 7 year old son (this is his favourite memory of school so far – and quite right too!) but maybe I am just towing the line like all others awaiting an Ofsted inpection. Enough bollocks! Onto art.

Another interesting read in this weekend’s papers from an interview with David Hockney. I kind of agree with him about what he says about photography and painting. How the photograph is mostly geometric and the painting (a good one) depicts vision more as it really is, both geometrically and psychologically.

And so here’s some of mine that didn’t go too well recently. A good start…….

……..but you can see that I just didn’t know when to stop and the final version moved completely away from the representation of the original. Perhaps I need a bit more camera and a bit less psychology!!!



2 Responses to “When to stop?”
  1. Leah. says:

    Wow this website is amazing…. 🙂
    Leah ❤

  2. miriammcclay says:

    Ah Leah – you are a sweetie. xx

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