Rock, paper, scissors

Well no rock really, but chutney and painting instead – doesn’t quite sound the same mind you. So I’ve been paper making and reminding myself how to get the stuff not to look like cow pats or piles of sick. I seem to remember leaving a few dubious looking examples to dry in the art … Continue reading

How to make a List

I’m a compulsive list maker. There, I’ve said it, now¬†everyone to knows! Everyday I make a list, sometimes I make lists of lists. To cheer up a dreary looking list, weighed down with renewing the car insurance or something, I write easy things on it like ‘Have a cup of Tea’ ‘stroke the cat’ ‘don’t … Continue reading

Blog blog bloggy blog

Why oh why have we not blogged on our blog for so bloggin’ long? Well – it might be that it’s because I am feeling a bit like this at the moment………. When really I want to feel like this……… 2000 acres of sky and all that.   Half term beckons and balance will be … Continue reading