Rock, paper, scissors

Well no rock really, but chutney and painting instead – doesn’t quite sound the same mind you.

So I’ve been paper making and reminding myself how to get the stuff not to look like cow pats or piles of sick. I seem to remember leaving a few dubious looking examples to dry in the art room – the result of year 9 paper making experiments before half term! A lovely thing to return to tomorrow!

It’s crazy how much you can fork out for a paper making kit these days. Instead I have used 2 old frames from 99p canvases; one for the base and one for the top frame. I stretched the lower frame with an old pair of tights to form the mesh and the top frame is simply left empty. The structure is called a deckle box and the top frame helps to form the shape of the paper. It’s important to scoop up the paper pulp rather than pour it. This helps to keep it thin and more paper like. Here’s a slightly more complex design

More of that later when the results dry and we make them into cards for the school’s Kenya project.
The rest of my hols have been spent painting for a couple of Christmas exhibitions; at The Applestore in Hereford and Oriel Jones in Monmouth. Here’s some of what I’ve been up to…
The photos here look a bit lighter than they actually are.
And then there’s chutney….
Lets hope I have inherited some of my great Aunt Florence’s pickling skills. These little pots are hidden away until Christmas. Fingers crossed.
5 Responses to “Rock, paper, scissors”
  1. themessynest says:

    The Clover painting is beautiful, is that May Hill in the background? Bex xx

  2. miriammcclay says:

    It is. The quality of my photography is a bit rubbish however. See you in the morning. x

  3. Leah says:

    There. Now I’ve done it. Can I have my t-shirt now?

  4. Leah says:

    Yes. You are sad, but at least I get my T-shirt. 😉

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