New oil paintings of May Hill

Here’s a glimpse of some new work ready for Applestore Gallery’s Christmas exhibition. The one above is called May Hill meadow and is approx 60cm x 40cm. This next one is suprisingly called Red field by May Hill!

And a little study called Sky over Lea…..

I have updated my artists statement to include ……

I seem to be drawn to the landscape more and more and for this Christmas exhibition I have selected some of my recent responses to the land closest to me at the moment. I travel through the land around May Hill and Lea on my way to work every day and I cannot help but notice how it changes, fades and then illuminates. As the 2011 summer holiday and better weather beckoned, I was able to get out into the landscape more and found myself crawling around in fields with a camera. The grasses, meadows and flowers have provided me with allsorts of mark making opportunities but it has also been important to retain the constant symbol of May Hill in the background. It provides a kind of a statuesque foil to the whimsy of the fluffy meadows. And so I suppose we are back to ‘balance’ again.

I will post details of the exhibition nearer the time but in the meantime my dad needs to get on and make the frames!! Love you dad. Miriam xxx

8 Responses to “New oil paintings of May Hill”
  1. notfrangible says:

    Particularly like May Hill meadow – you’re brilliant at putting in just enough detail.

  2. dizzygirl says:

    They’re beautifully atmospheric, and i love all the chunky, expressive brushstrokes x

  3. Nichola says:

    Miriam!! These are georgeous!! I need to see them in the flesh! I could help you make the frames! xxx

  4. miriammcclay says:

    Thank you so much Nic. Will definitely catch up with you at school in the morning to discuss. Hope all’s good with the family. Why does the weekend go so fast?? x

  5. jemigo says:

    Finally I have found my log in details and can comment! I love these paintings so much.. What makes them even better is that I know the view…Ive been there, Ive seen this. You are so talented and I am so jealous…but in a good way 🙂

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