Paperwhites part 3.

They’ve been growing like crazy. I’ve watered them every other day with my alcohol/water mix, and they’re loving it! After less than 2 weeks growth, they had buds appearing! So most of them were dressed up in ribbons, as Christmas prezzies for my friends. Heres a few pics of the final flowers i still have dotted round the house. I’m so … Continue reading

how to make a mess with ink and wax

I’ve been playing lots in the background while Bex has been growing and beading. I’m still working from the photos of May Hill – remember back to the horse rustling trip? Anyway maybe it’s because it grim and grey, wet and windy, cold and ….what else begins with curly ‘c’?? Cold and crap!!! All of … Continue reading

How to grow Paperwhites, Part 2.

After a week of sitting happily on my windowsill, work top, kitchen shelf, the little bulby beauties have sprouted about 2 inches of growth, perfect. Now it’s time to get them drunk! Wahoooo-Party!!! Too much is booze bad, an apt christmas message  🙂  and too little won’t stunt their growth…… Somewhere in the middle…plenty of flowers, but … Continue reading

Photography Exhibition: Fran Sinclair

Fran has been an absolute inspiration to Miriam and myself, encouraging us with this blog and generally being a jolly good egg! Looking forways to these light delights…… Follow the the link below for directions and venue info.  Bex x  

New necklaces

Made these last necklaces night….. These are on a sterling silver snake chain, with silver bits and pieces to fix it all together. Love playing with the different effects you can get with the french ivory glass. It reacts with silver leaf and you get these rock-like markings in the bead. I think it contrasts beautifully with the clear turquoise or … Continue reading

How to grow pocket-sized Paperwhites, Part 1.

Well this crazy experiment is all thanks to my lovely Mum. Last year she grew some pocket-sized Paperwhites, using alcohol to stunt the leaf growth.  This year I received a little parcel of bulbs and instructions on how to do it….. so I thought I’d share it! Incidently, these random parcels can contain all sorts of things, half … Continue reading

Fused glass peacock feather necklace

I’ve run a couple of glass fusing workshops, just the basics, spreading the shiny glass love. The last one I did, we focused on fused glass jewellery and here is a little something i tried….. Firstly, the sketchbook page, exploring some ideas on how to make a solid fused glass necklace inspired by a delicate peacock feather. Trying … Continue reading