Fused glass peacock feather necklace

I’ve run a couple of glass fusing workshops, just the basics, spreading the shiny glass love. The last one I did, we focused on fused glass jewellery and here is a little something i tried…..

Firstly, the sketchbook page, exploring some ideas on how to make a solid fused glass necklace inspired by a delicate peacock feather. Trying to abstract and refine the feather into its simplist form without loosing its beauty. Not the easiest image to transfer into glass……

I settled on the idea of a clear glass disk, then building the other colours on top. I bent the copper wire and balanced the glass on it , so in the kiln, the glass melted and squished around the wire. The little droplets of glass on the end of the copper tendrils were fired separately, then I glued them on.

So ‘ the end result……..

It’s a work in progress, but I’m liking the contrasting metal, feather and super shiny glass.

Love a bit of texture.

I used silver leaf behind it to lighten it up and try to capture the luminosity of a peacock feather At the time, I thought sticking the bits of feather behind it was a stroke of genius……. but my oh-so-kind hubby said it looked like I had a hairy chest 😦  so now I’m too scared to wear it. Instead it just hangs up by my computer!


One Response to “Fused glass peacock feather necklace”
  1. miriammcclay says:

    Love the cropped image on the home page and the layering of marks and surfaces – well arty!!! xxx

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