How to grow pocket-sized Paperwhites, Part 1.

Well this crazy experiment is all thanks to my lovely Mum.

Last year she grew some pocket-sized Paperwhites, using alcohol to stunt the leaf growth.  This year I received a little parcel of bulbs and instructions on how to do it….. so I thought I’d share it! Incidently, these random parcels can contain all sorts of things, half germinated nuts from a hankerchief tree, home made biscotti,  one year she picked some snowdrops , wrapped them in damp tissue and popped them in the post. Arriving in perfect condition they looked beautiful on the kitchen window sill!

The plan is to grow some of these scented beauties in pots and jars, giving them to nice people as Christmas prezzies. Already have some apple wine bubbling away, a few bottles of sloe gin and a trial batch of Pacharan (sloes, sambuca, vanilla….  some bloke was cooking with this lush liquid this week on Master chef!) happily fusing and mulling away. So the bulbs are really an added extra, for the few of my friends that don’t drink crazy concoctions!

So, here’s the instructions……

  1. Buy some Paper White bulbs- I used narcissus grandiflora and ziva.
  2. Rummage round your house and raid the recycling bin for jars, pots, old teapots and bowls
  3. Get some gravel, I got a bit carried away in a fish shop trying to decide between flouro green or red gravel… I then looked at the price, put the colourful pebbles back and headed for the local builders merchant. Now have enough gravel to pot up 150 bulbs for a quarter of the price
  4. Fill jars, pots, wine glasses with a depth of about 2 inches of gravel.
  5. Pop your bulbs in…… groups or individually, 
  6. Top up the gravel, leave about 1/3rd of the bulb still showing
  7. Add water so it just touches the rooty bit- not too much or it’ll rot 😦
  8. Bung them on a window sill and just keep and eye on them for a week.

So this is how far I’ve got, I’ll blog with the next lot of instructions and pics of how the bulbs have progressed….. make sure you have some vodka handy ……. 🙂

So here’s the selection of differant pots and I’ll experiment with putting them on differant windowsill, amounts of water…. fingers crossed they grow!

If you can’t wait that long, follow the link below to the Cornell Uni website- they’re the bright sparks experimenting with pissed paperwhites and drunken daffodils,

Ohh, i love pretending to be a scientist, now wheres  that lab coat?

Bex x

2 Responses to “How to grow pocket-sized Paperwhites, Part 1.”
  1. miriammcclay says:

    Great post Bex. Love all the pics. Seems to be some huge alcohol-filled vessels in your kitchen – has school really got that bad? I hope the rest of your house is messy otherwise I’m going to feel v inadequate. xxx

  2. themessynest says:

    I tidyed specially! Kitchens looking messier today though, making mince pies for us to munch tomorrow breaktime xx

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