New necklaces

Made these last necklaces night…..

These are on a sterling silver snake chain, with silver bits and pieces to fix it all together.

Love playing with the different effects you can get with the french ivory glass. It reacts with silver leaf and you get these rock-like markings in the bead. I think it contrasts beautifully with the clear turquoise or green.

I’m really pleased with this one, a coastal bead with little crackled blue crystals.

And here’s a close up of the little silver dots on the actual bead!! yes, real fine silver! I do this by wrapping silver wire round the bead, then heating it in the flame until the silver melts into little blobs.

This is my second May Hill bead on a kilt pin, the first one sold at Memento Gifts in Newent.


I’m going to drop these little beauties down to Memento Gifts. I’m been selling the odd bead and necklace, so I can buy more glass and torchtime. Would love to buy my own torch and bead kiln one day. I’m still not sure about pricing….. Mementos takes a percentage, and it means I only just cover my costs….. not sure what to do…. If you’d like one, just post below or e-mailme. I’ve got a couple of commissions for Christmas, but I’d love to make a few more pieces.


One Response to “New necklaces”
  1. Oh i just love these! The coastal is my favorite. Thanks for checking out my blog ladies – definitely delighted to follow along with yours and see the artistic adventures of the two of you. =) Pretty blog too, love the colors. Keep it up!

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