Fused glass inspired by trickling water.

Last week, I taught some basic glass fusing skills to a group of 6th Form students.  So I thought I’d pop a couple of my own pieces in ….. I wanted to develop some ideas from these previous pieces…. or  follow the link…. https://themessynest.wordpress.com/2011/06/29/abstracting-fused-glass-seascapes/     So I played around, collaging card and messy stuff…. But most … Continue reading

Originally posted on draw and shoot:
A few more natural ice sculptures created by Mother Nature. All images © Karen McRae

Copper Fish with lampworked beads

The copper fish is based on a herring! Below are some little mono prints I did as a quick study of their shapes….. It took nearly 2 lunchtimes to make, down in the DT dept with lovely Nic Wood helping me. Started by heating a scrap of copper till it was glowing red with a blow torch, cooling … Continue reading

Fern Berreen: Ferniche Millinery

Fern is a fantastically talented Artist, and we had the pleasure of teaching her when she was at Newent School. To say we’re proud is an understatement…. Fern’s such a warm, bubbly and enthusiastic person, it’s great to see this vibrancy in her work. Follow this link for more of her amazing work…. Bex x http://www.punchline-gloucester.com/articles/autumn2011/fernforgesahead

Sea Bead Earrings

Popped down to Creative Glass Guild in Bristol last weekend, to check out their new lampworking set up. Good kit- basically they’ve got all Georgina Blacks old stuff from Fireworks, even found my old box of glass rods! Here’s some of the sketches I did before I went……. I’ve been playing about with silver leaf, light ivory, … Continue reading

David Hockney Exhibition: A Bigger Picture

Looking forward to this Hockney Exhibition, saw a preview of his videowork exploring the countryside through the seasons-beautiful http://www.royalacademy.org.uk/exhibitions/hockney/about-the-exhibition/ has reminded me of some fused glass panels I made……. Hockney’s trees….. my fused glass trees…..need a bit more work on mine! Bex x        

Planet earrings and May Hill kilt pin.

Just a quick post….. These are a couple of pairs of earrings…. my very first :)… I’m so proud! Mum said they looked like little planets…. think they’ll be ‘planet’ earrings from now on. Heres a May Hill kilt pin- think I’m liking the bronze pin. Couldn’t post pics of them before, as they were … Continue reading

Happy New Year!

January…….. I have Pilot’s ‘January’ bumbling round my head…… January, sick and tired you’ve been hanging on me…You make me sad with your eyes …you’re telling me lies … follow this link for a top tune!    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X50KJp-oq9M I like cold, cuddle inducing, hibernating January, I love work too,  but was dreading the manic noisiness . We joke about keeping a protective … Continue reading