Sea Bead Earrings

Popped down to Creative Glass Guild in Bristol last weekend, to check out their new lampworking set up. Good kit- basically they’ve got all Georgina Blacks old stuff from Fireworks, even found my old box of glass rods!

Here’s some of the sketches I did before I went…….

I’ve been playing about with silver leaf, light ivory, translucent turquoise and then encasing the beads in a clear to try and add depth to the beads

The one below left, I made a small white bead, let it cool very slightly and then rolled the bead over a piece of silver leaf. Then tried to encase it in clear glass. I’m trying to get a metal effect in the bead, as some of these are going to dangle from a copper fish I’ve made, but more of that later.

The earrings below, are for my lovely friend Tania, Happy Birthday!

and these ones below, are for me……I’m wearing them now 🙂

Next thing to try… attaching some of these beads to a little copper fish I’ve made……

Bex xx

2 Responses to “Sea Bead Earrings”
  1. miriammcclay says:

    These are beautiful and the photos are girt lush too. xxxxxx

  2. notfrangible says:

    Agree with Miriam. Would get a re-bore in the lobes for these – but for the allergies.

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