Copper Fish with lampworked beads

The copper fish is based on a herring! Below are some little mono prints I did as a quick study of their shapes…..

It took nearly 2 lunchtimes to make, down in the DT dept with lovely Nic Wood helping me. Started by heating a scrap of copper till it was glowing red with a blow torch, cooling it, and cutting the basic fish shape out of with tin snips. Then added the scalely texture by reheating, then bashing it with a big hammer. The slight curve was created by hitting the fish on a leather sand filled thing!

Once i’d made the fish, i thought about attaching beads…….

Designs are simple,just playing about with the idea of little bead-big bead-little bead or 3 beads the same size.

Found once I’ve got the molten glass infront of me, all the designs fly out the window and I get led by the materials and colours in hand. So heres the final piece, not sure i’ll keep these beads on it…. might make some smaller beads-What do you think? Bex xxx

5 Responses to “Copper Fish with lampworked beads”
  1. notfrangible says:

    Tend to agree – smaller… but looking good. And I love the monoprints.

  2. miriammcclay says:

    Wow! So many posts – you are a star for keeping this going and the posts look great. Dear people of the bloggy world I have been making stuff too – just been a lazy cow getting it on the blog. Chinese New Year Resolution is MUST BLOG HARDER!!!


  3. Nichola says:

    I haven’t been on your blog for a while! I haven’t seen this!! It looks really good finished with your lush beads!! Maybe just the middle one is too big. Have you seen what they look like all the same size? I think I need to see it in real life to make a decision! The copper looks brill!!! xx

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