Fused glass inspired by trickling water.

Last week, I taught some basic glass fusing skills to a group of 6th Form students.  So I thought I’d pop a couple of my own pieces in …..

I wanted to develop some ideas from these previous pieces…. or  follow the link….



So I played around, collaging card and messy stuff….

But most of the playing happened with the glass, copper mest, black glass paste as I assembled it onto float glass….

   I started by dribbling water down the surface of the glass, then trying to highlight the dribbles with copper oxide powder. The I started building up areas with copper mesh and leaf, covering it with clear frit (broken glass) to stop the copper burning away in the kiln.

Below is the second panel I made…  built them on normal window pane or float glass, as i wanted the Bulleseye glass to puddle on top- it melts at a lower temperature to the float glass…. it’s cheaper too!

They were bunged in the kiln and fired up to 1080 C and here they are…. the top one cracked just after I took this photo…. Bxx

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