Which way should I develop my glass beads?

I need your help…..I’m trying to put a small collection together for the New Leaf Gallery Shop in Monmouth,


which way should I develop my glass beads??? Towards summery meadows…

or towards the sea…

I’m having a bit of a creative wobble….love the sea beads, but do you think they’ll sell in Monmouth??? Love the meadow beads too, but I think they need more development to be good enough to sell.

Let me know what you think…..Meadows or Oceans??  Bxx

4 Responses to “Which way should I develop my glass beads?”
  1. miriammcclay says:

    Do both you lazy cow!!! xxx

  2. themessynest says:

    You might have a point- stop blogging start making!! always get an honest answer from you! x

  3. notfrangible says:

    I was looking for the like button re Miriam’s comment…. but otherwise I was about to say mass produce the sea and develop the meadow, which amounts to the same thing!

  4. laird luken says:

    i like sea beads

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