Resource building

It’s a very sunny day and I am getting ready for my Year 10 Fine Art class this afternoon. The art block is spookily quiet as I prepare for my lessons. Bet Bex is out in the sun having fun! Miriam. Advertisements

3 little things

Yay – the significance of the number 3. Here are 3 little things that have caught my eye in my art room this week. Above is a close up oil pastel thingy of some kind of exotic animal.   And this is what I do with my tights when I get tied up in a knot!Not! … Continue reading

Rock, paper, scissors

Well no rock really, but chutney and painting instead – doesn’t quite sound the same mind you. So I’ve been paper making and reminding myself how to get the stuff not to look like cow pats or piles of sick. I seem to remember leaving a few dubious looking examples to dry in the art … Continue reading

yes we CAN!!

CR8 this week at school and my year 8 lot are painting tin cans. Splatting the cans flat in the first place is a great way of getting rid of angst when you’re near the end of term and working in a tropical greenhouse of a classroom. My example ….. AmeriCAN Indian! Yes, very corny, but fun to do … Continue reading

lovely wax

This beautiful wax image is by the German-born artist Anne Stahl. She has influenced my work loads. I only wish I had more time to produce as much as she does. Check out her amazing website… This gorgeous picture is called Into the Unknown I am working on some little canvases (is that how you spell that?) at … Continue reading