playing with painting

Just a few doodles with paint – Miriam. Advertisements

Be Happinatious!

Happy New Year. Our new year’s resolutions are simply this: swear less make more mess work with wood make lots of nice homey nesty stuff play at printing be happinatious

Green things growing….. hello Spring!

Green things growing…. hello Spring! “Sitting quietly, doing nothing, Spring comes, and the grass grows by itself.” –  The Gospel According To Zen

DNA doodle

Started by printing my fingers, using an ink pad.  Then added the blue stripes on the left. the fingerprints resisted the blue indian ink and has left a lighter line around each fingerprint edge. Don’t know how or why but I’m liking the effect! In my mind, the page started to resemble a DNA sample, so I pushed the … Continue reading

How to grow pocket-sized Paperwhites, Part 1.

Well this crazy experiment is all thanks to my lovely Mum. Last year she grew some pocket-sized Paperwhites, using alcohol to stunt the leaf growth.  This year I received a little parcel of bulbs and instructions on how to do it….. so I thought I’d share it! Incidently, these random parcels can contain all sorts of things, half … Continue reading

Fused glass peacock feather necklace

I’ve run a couple of glass fusing workshops, just the basics, spreading the shiny glass love. The last one I did, we focused on fused glass jewellery and here is a little something i tried….. Firstly, the sketchbook page, exploring some ideas on how to make a solid fused glass necklace inspired by a delicate peacock feather. Trying … Continue reading

When to stop?

  Long time no post – sorry. It’s the beginning of term-itis, snowed under with schemes of learning, boxes to tick and so forth. I read an interesting article in the Telegraph yesterday about ‘the erosion of childhood’ One of the reasons given was school’s excessive use of assessment. And so I am earning my … Continue reading

Magical Meadow

So we’ve been drowning in new Schemes of Learning and trying to acclimatise to the faster pace of school life. On Sunday evening I settled down to watch Country file- love it, real escapism. They were previewing the 12 winners of the photography competition, and this photograph by Chris Eaves is exactly how I’d like my … Continue reading

Bright-colour days!

Just a quickie to show you some happy colour in a development of the May Hill painting. Determined to just stop this one before I overwork it. Miriam.

Applestore Gallery Exhibition

So the exhibition Private View went well and all I need now is to sell a few pieces. Fingers crossed! Here are my 6 little prints on the left. Here’s a flash enhanced close-up of one!! I think I called it something deep and meaningful like ‘Sailing into the Unknown.’The Gallery from the road outside…… … Continue reading