Willow Weaving

This week playtime down in the D & T department has been basket making- yep we’re ‘basket cases’ Theme tune……. Green Day’s ‘Basket case’ …… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SoXl6ItEC5c The raw materials- from Ed the DT teachers allotment                   Ed showed how to cut 6 30cm twigs, then make splits in the … Continue reading

Copper Fish with lampworked beads

The copper fish is based on a herring! Below are some little mono prints I did as a quick study of their shapes….. It took nearly 2 lunchtimes to make, down in the DT dept with lovely Nic Wood helping me. Started by heating a scrap of copper till it was glowing red with a blow torch, cooling … Continue reading

how to make a mess with ink and wax

I’ve been playing lots in the background while Bex has been growing and beading. I’m still working from the photos of May Hill – remember back to the horse rustling trip? Anyway maybe it’s because it grim and grey, wet and windy, cold and ….what else begins with curly ‘c’?? Cold and crap!!! All of … Continue reading

How to grow pocket-sized Paperwhites, Part 1.

Well this crazy experiment is all thanks to my lovely Mum. Last year she grew some pocket-sized Paperwhites, using alcohol to stunt the leaf growth.  This year I received a little parcel of bulbs and instructions on how to do it….. so I thought I’d share it! Incidently, these random parcels can contain all sorts of things, half … Continue reading

3 little things

Yay – the significance of the number 3. Here are 3 little things that have caught my eye in my art room this week. Above is a close up oil pastel thingy of some kind of exotic animal.   And this is what I do with my tights when I get tied up in a knot!Not! … Continue reading

How to make a List

I’m a compulsive list maker. There, I’ve said it, now everyone to knows! Everyday I make a list, sometimes I make lists of lists. To cheer up a dreary looking list, weighed down with renewing the car insurance or something, I write easy things on it like ‘Have a cup of Tea’ ‘stroke the cat’ ‘don’t … Continue reading

Alexander Calder inspired necklace

Rummaged round the house, found 2 different gauges of wire and a piece of sea glass from Gyllyngvase beach- all I need to start playing…….   So here is how to make your very own Alex Calder necklace. Step 1: Unwiggle the bits of wire you’ve found. Step 2: Make loops at regularish intervals along wire. Step 3: Check … Continue reading

Postcard Design for Forest and Valley Open Studio.

Just designed a post card to hand out this saturday, 9th July, at the Open Studios, we’ll be making a sticky mess in Memento Gift Shop on Newent High Street. Miriams demonstrating and selling textile landscapes, needle felting and other yummy stuff ( will pop some pics on tomorrow) and I’ve got some beads annealing in the kiln…. if they come … Continue reading

yes we CAN!!

CR8 this week at school and my year 8 lot are painting tin cans. Splatting the cans flat in the first place is a great way of getting rid of angst when you’re near the end of term and working in a tropical greenhouse of a classroom. My example ….. AmeriCAN Indian! Yes, very corny, but fun to do … Continue reading

How to Needle Felt

Inspired by Miriam’s cards, I made a needle felt seascape as a Wedding pressie for the lovely Dickie and Kate. So I thought I’d show you how to make a fluffy seascape…. You’ll need: felting needle- I used 36 gauge. background fabric bit of sponge felting wool- merino messy bits- wool,netting feathers, beads to stitch … Continue reading